Folding the Bauhaus: Reverse-Engineering Josef Alber’s Preliminary Course

For a few years now I have been researching paper folding and paper engineering exercises that were done at the Bauhaus school, under the guidance of the famous Josef Albers.

As part of my work preparing for an upcoming summer course I am teaching on this subject, I have been reverse-engineering all the documented examples I can find of exercises that were done, to not only re-create them but to understand the methodology that was used so I can explore those concepts fully. This has been great fun, and I feel that I’m only getting started.

Here are some examples of work I’ve done recently; I’ll come back and update this as I photograph objects (always the harder part than actually making them in the first place.)

3 thoughts on “Folding the Bauhaus: Reverse-Engineering Josef Alber’s Preliminary Course

  1. Great work, pretty inspiring! How do you get those perfect cuts? I have tried a few things but nothing creates this little space between the parts. Just looks amazing. So whats your secret 😉

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